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A sphere… a timeless and silent presence. The concept of modularity was the starting point for the BUBBLE collection, and what shape to choose to give form to this idea? A sphere, therefore, which becomes a combination of a designed object and high-tech LED technology, a malleable, ergonomic object suitable for all environments.
With its iconic shape, the Bubble collection should be able to blend into architectural spaces with elegance and character. The true duality of Bubble lies in its beautiful light, a condensation of Loupi’s latest technologies, and an object, a fully adjustable bubble, precise, thanks to its magnetic rotation system. Bubble also features a silicone lens that gives a density and a particular brilliance to the light. Silicone ensures durability and stability over time. We conceived this lighting object as a module with multiple applications, a complete range available in 7 models, offering 7 different functions.