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What is it ?

Ultra-discreet magnetic rail Slimtrack is a 13-mm-section, low-visibility profile suitable for countless situations, allowing continuous straight lines and angle mounting for ceilings, with discreet aluminium connectors. This system is perfect for lighting design in any type of space. The D spots that go with Slimtrack are the essence of everything that Loupi is best at: beautifully precise lighting that’s easy on the eye.

Magnetic system

The Slimtrack connector range’s conductor tracks make it easy to install, and create a highly flexible combination of lighting options. The system is infinitely adaptable, so you can change its power and orientation to meet specific design needs. The Slimtrack connector range creates a highly flexible combination of options, in which lights can be moved or pointed in different directions.


The Slimtrack system is designed for three configurations: Attached directly to walls or ceilings Inset, when it needs to be invisible Suspended, to create a low-key, lightweight and minimalist effect. It is available in epoxy or anodized finishes for easy integration into the space.

Large beam

Despite their small size, these extremely powerful spots, ranging from 8 to 18 watts, offer a high degree of lighting efficiency. Their subtle design makes them easy to fix to the rail, move around, angle in specific directions, and replace. High-performance silicon lenses combine precise accent or general lighting with a high luminous flux. The lights can be individually controlled using a Casambi, Dali, or DMX protocol.

Small sizes

The D range includes a series of three miniature spots that maintain high levels of lighting performance. Varying from 2 to 4 watts, they are used for precision lighting, and are particularly suited to retail settings. This range’s discreet design and ultra-precise orientation offers modular lighting with almost unlimited possibilities. The lights can be individually controlled using a Casambi, Dali, or DMX protocol.