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Steel conductors : 6 x 1 mm².

Track power supply box by magnetic connection and output wires.

Maximum capacity of circuit equipped light sources with 2 meters track : 150W max.


27 x 15 mm U profile, fireproof polycarbonate.

Standard lengths and made to order.

Track is attached by M3 countersunk screws.

Lighting sources are attached to the track by magnetic contact.

Operating temperature : -5° +40°.

Interior use only.


Track can be sized to the nearest centimeter  (maximum 200cm by track).

Optional protective cover to conceal track segments not in use.

Compatible light sources : Micro C Piccolo _ Réf. SC000P, Spot C Piccolo _ Réf. SC001P, Spot C5 Piccolo _ Réf. SC005P, Spot L5 Piccolo _ Réf. SL005P

3 years guarantee.