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Copper internal conductors : section 1.6mm².

Power supply connectors : 7A max.

Maximum capacity of circuit equipped light sources with Slim Track by meter : see LOUPI’s specification.


  • 14x15mm U aluminum profile.
  • Lengths : 50cm, 100cm, 150cm, 200cm.
  • Lighting sources are attached to the track by magneticcontact.
  • Operating temperature : -5° +40°.
  • Interior use only.


Track can be sized to the nearest millimiters (maximum 200cm by track).

Possibility of assembling the different sections of rail between them.

Compatible light sources : Micro D Slim _ Réf. SD000S, Mini D Slim _ Réf. SD002S, Spot D Slim _ Réf. SD001S, Spot D8 Slim _ Réf. SD008S, Spot D12 Slim _ Réf. SD012S, Spot D15 Slim _ Réf. SD015S.

3 years guarantee.